Ayurveda Living exports and selling  Ayurveda equipments and products for Ayurveda spa, Ayurveda centers and Ayurveda  hospitals in india and abroad.

 International Ayurveda Living is the leading supplier of Ayurvedic Therapy Equipments to the worldwide like Dhronis(massage beds), Phizhichil systems, Dhara Stands & vessels, Steam Bath Systems, equipments for panchakarma like Vamanam,Virechanam, Vasti,Swedanam etc. Our Research & Development team works with the aim of improving the existing system as well as develop new equipments & products that improve the efficiency of therapies while reducing the skilled manpower and increasing the accuracy of the procedures.

International Ayurveda Living exports  both traditional & modern ayurvedic treatment equipments like Wooden Pathi (Dhroni), Shalakha, Steam Bath Systems, Adjustable Tables, Mechanized Dhara and Pizhichil systems.

Panchakarma treatment has now been widely accepted worldwide as a personalized comprehensive health care package for both the healthy and the ailing person. Naturally, there has been n ever increasing demand for the equipment involved in these procedures.
Ayurveda Living  supplies a whole range of conventional Ayurvedic treatment equipment ranging from traditional treatment tables to brass, bronze or copper utensils and other accessories used for various panchakarma therapies.

We also supply authentic books and journals, video and audio CDs on Ayurveda and mementos symbolizing the local culture and heritage.

More info please contact   info@ayurvedaliving.se

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